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Mini Mopphoppers are like out mophoppers , but mini!

Mini spill catchers in the shape of a mule slipper. These are great for either letting your little ones have some matching yours, or using as a kitchen cloth, or any other cloth that you use with your hands.

Great if you have limited movement in your hands as instead of grabbing the cloth you just slip your hand in.


These are unique as they (like all our other items) are made from entirely upcycled fabrics.


They comprise of 2 pieces of towel, and the mule part is double sided so they can be turned inside out for a new look.

Approximately 20 x 14 cm.


You can't choose your style of these, its a lucky dip. This is because they are scrap busters, so I will just be making them with what I've got - from the scraps leftover from bag making mostly. And the towels I will purchase from charity shops.

But... I will always make them so they are different on each side, so it's highly likely that you'll like one side at least!

* there is a notes section if you have requests for colours, but we can’t guarantee anything.

If you buy a pair, they wont be matching.


I will have some made up mostly, but I am giving a 2 week timeframe for these to be sent out in case of backlog, but it's likely you will get them sooner.


Ideas for use:


Spill on the floor? Give this to your little one to mop it up using their foot

Drying the shower walls

Dry the dogs paws or coat after a walk

Cleaning windows or other areas

Any many more! Let us know how you use them on our Social Media pages


*Please note: These are not slippers! You will be dissapointed if you buy them instead of slippers as they are just towelling, and don't have a sole on the bottom! But this is what makes them great for catching spills.

Mini Mophoppers

PriceFrom £5.00


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